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Blending politics and spirituality usually comes with a warning label.  Let’s rethink that.  Our spirit empowers us, connects us, and stokes the passions of our hearts.  Our political discourse desperately needs the guidance, strength, and clarity of our soul’s force for good in the world.  

Inner Wisdom + External Actions = Soul Force Politics 

You have found your tribe.  We will feed your fire.


Soul Force Politics teaches non-violent resistance, honorable leadership, and successful social engagement.  It raises our awareness of how to incorporate our spiritual promptings  into our civic actions.  It works to eliminate the illusion that we are separate by rejecting “Us” versus “Them” tactics that divide us.  We are all connected as ONE.  


MizMaryland’s blog, podcasts, trainings, and retreats will create engaging interactions that connect its readers, listeners, and supporters to a new level of awareness about the intersection of policy advocacy, spirituality, social justice, and community relationships.


We will organize, train, and connect a statewide network of change agents ready to answer the call that challenges us to be alert, be awake, be active, and be alive with love, compassion, kindness, and connection with ALL.

Welcome to MizMaryland

Are you refusing to sit this one out on the sidelines? Do you think there is work to be done and are feeling called to do it? Let’s join forces to organize our communities and deliver on the promises of our collective intentions and greatest hearts’ desires. We understand that the only limit to our potential is self-imposed. We choose to step forward with the full awareness that we are called to something greater than we can possibly imagine, and that we will proactively co-create this exciting future together.  When the world seems like it is upside down and chaos reigns, this is when stars are born. This is when the Phoenix rises from the ashes. This is when we create a world that rejects “Us” versus “Them.” This is when we find our wings and our way forward – to becoming ONE. Now is our time.  Let’s Fly.

Heather Mizeur

Heather Mizeur

CEO + Founder

Heather Mizeur is Maryland’s best-known voice for progressive activism.  At Soul Force Politics, she shares insights from her unique external experiences as a former top-tier national and state level politico with the observations and teachings she received during a profound internal spiritual quest on the sanctuary of her 34-acre organic farm during a two-year respite from politics.

Be the change you want to see.
Create the world you want to manifest.
Break through the illusions of impossibility.
Live your life’s purpose with clarity, intention, and truth.
Choose only love.


MizMaryland integrates two

life-changing experiences.

One external.  One internal.  In 2014, I mounted an insurgent campaign as the state’s most progressive choice for Governor.   External journeys do not get much bigger than running for statewide political office.   And when that effort was complete, I had an opportunity to go just as deeply inward and reconnect with the spiritual practices that have always been my guideposts. I retreated to my family farm on the Eastern Shore and listened to the wisdom of nature. These two extreme experiences gave me a balanced perspective that sharpened my perception, deepened my intuition, and granted surprising observations.   I want to share them with you.

MizMaryland is an offering. I believe that those things which I wanted dearly to influence in public office – whether it be progressive policy issues, improving community engagement and public discourse, or reminding each of us of the infinite power within to manifest and create our greatest hopes and desires – can still benefit from my insights and unrelenting pursuit of truth telling.