The Vision: A 10-Year Plan for MizMaryland

We will bring our vision to life through three phases of activity over the next ten years.

Phase I:

MizMaryland is excited about our initial offerings of blogs, podcasts, traveling lectures, and workshops to create opportunities for meaningful exchanges at the crossroads where policy advocacy, spirituality, social justice, and community relationships intersect.

Phase II:

With your support, we will build our training and retreat space for Camp MizMD on land donated by Apotheosis Farm within the first two years of launching.

Phase III:

Building on the successes of our initial offerings, we aspire to construct a permanent home for our long-term work of cultivating Soul Force leaders who blend the calling of social justice action with the insights of consciousness.

Within the first 10 years of our organization’s existence, we will raise funds to develop and construct a center of excellence that will serve as the permanent, main gathering space for nationally renowned lectures, workshops, training seminars, and retreats from masters in the fields of  social justice organizing and activism (in conjuction with our charitable mission); environmental protection, sustainable living and resiliency; mind-body-spirit alignment and healing; consciousness & spiritual growth.

We will create educational initiatives that are a hallmark of the non-profit center which include these three key practice areas:

  • The MizMaryland Honorable Leadership Center

We will collect the best practices from our first years of experience at MizMaryland’s blog, podcast, retreats, lectures, and workshops and establish an institute that will grow the exposure and influence of this work.

  •  Pachamama Mother Earth School

Sustainable, biodynamic farming practices in a permaculture model will provide grounds for certification, training, and volunteer opportunities to work with the land’s food, herbal medicine, sacred plants, and animals.

  •  Eagle and Condor: The Indigenous Way

This center will support the cultivation, awareness, advancement, and protection of indigenous spiritual practices, with a particular focus on Native North and South American traditions.

Join Us:

The second and third phases of this vision will only come to life through your generous support.  Please consider becoming a monthly contributor to MizMaryland or make a one-time gift to support our work and its mission to bring about revolutionary changes that make individual and community transformation possible.